Why Jim Geddes is the man for the job.

1)     Why are you seeking this position?

Providing a high quality education for our children is one of our most important societal responsibilities. After spending 30 years as a student myself, and observing my own children’s education experience — and simultaneously watching our nation’s young people fall further behind the children of other developed countries, I chose to become more directly involved in the efforts to improve our education systems.

Elected as a University of Colorado Regent, I have addressed a number of issues, including the budgeting and financing of higher education, and the evaluation and assessment of the quality of education. I encourage and support improvements in quality, such as augmenting intellectual diversity and academic freedom on our campuses.

As my time as a Regent will soon be over, I wish to continue my involvement and efforts to improve our American education system.    

2)     What makes you the best person for the job?

I have a long personal experience with formal education and have learned significantly from my experience as a regent.

My general “conservative”, and “traditional” philosophy will help guide our school district toward further improvements in its education quality and toward an enhanced service to our students, their families, and the citizens of Douglas County.

I have a practical/pragmatic streak, but can also think “outside the box”. Additionally, the thoughts and concerns of others are important to me, and will be carefully considered.

3)     What do you believe is the most important issue facing the Douglas County School District and how will you approach it, if elected?

The key component of education quality and successful outcomes is related to individual teacher qualities.  Teacher quality is, in-turn, related to the adequacy of professional preparation and credential and to the degree of knowledge, both general and specific to the subject being taught.

Important for all student ages, but most critical for our younger students is a teacher who creates an exciting, rich educational environment which produces eager learners who enjoy school and thirst for intellectual interactions with their teacher and others. Such an experience if sustained will likely lead to an excellent educational outcome and a life-long habit of inquiry, study, and capability for sophisticated critical thinking.

In this light, I will fully support the current DCSD initiatives of teacher “Pay for Performance” and the honoring and rewarding of our excellent teachers. I will also search for additional mechanisms to recruit such teachers to our schools. I will be sensitive to our teachers’ professional recommendations, needs, and desires as our Board of Directors partners with them to create the optimal educational milieu for all our students.

I am also in dialogue currently with officials at C.U. regarding the concept of graduating Science, Technology, and Math majors with a simultaneous K-12 teacher training adequate to immediately qualify for a “Teaching Certificate”.          

 Jim Geddes



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  1. Jim:
    I hope that you succeed in your bid to win a DougCo School Board seat. I normally don’t get too involved in elections (other than voting for the least-liberal and most conservative candidates). However I have a neighbor here in Highlands Ranch that is very liberal and very pro-union in the schools. They just put a campaign sign up in their front yard for the union-supported candidates.

    I was wondering if you have any campaign signs?

    Jay Riechel
    2644 Pemberly Ave
    Highlands Ranch 80126
    School Board District C

  2. The Denver Post Editorial has this part …

    “We’d like to see the reforms continue, which is why we’re endorsing the four candidates who are committed to that course. They are Jim Geddes in District B, Judith Reynolds in District D, Doug Benevento (an incumbent) in District E, and Meghann Silverthorn (also an incumbent) in District G.”

    I support your work in creating a system that is performance orientated and provides more support to the class room. In the days of the Union representation in the school district monies were funneled off to support union representatives and union objectives at the expense of the budget and the class room.

    Recently I have seen many campaign add that support union reintroduction into the school district by Barbara Chase, Julie Keim, Bill Hoges, and Ronda Schotling. This has shown up as writing in the windows of cars, letters pasted to garage door, and television ads.

    I have seen none of this type of campaigning supporting you and the others listed in the above Denver Post Editorial. I am wary that unless a more active push by your campaign and these members is conducted, the union bosses will get what they desire, control of the Dougco School board.

    I feel that the campaign of these pro union candidates are deceptive since they don’t disclose their view on the union in their materials and claim to be for the students. They also make false claims on the current school board.

    Unfortunately most voters do not do enough research to know the difference any may believe the propaganda. Unless more is done to put out the message that supports the current board and puts forth theose candidates, I feel the election will turn badly.

    Also what can you provide in the way of supporting your campaign though volunteerism or activism?

    A concerned Dougco Resident.

  3. Our children are all grown, but our daughter is a teacher in DPS, so I try to stay up on education issues. One of the things I am hearing about our current board is that so much has been done behind closed doors. Not sure if that is true as the libs have a habit of lying. Will the board your seek to be on be open and forthright? Thank you for your time

    Cheryn Weathers

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