The Geddes Family Vacationing in Hawaii

A family man, Dr. Jim Geddes and his wife, Erin, have been faced with the choice of using alternative education  options to educate their own children, moving from public school, to home schooled and ultimately to private school to meet the needs of their family. Geddes believes parents must be empowered to make the final choice for the educational opportunities provided in the school district. Additionally, he supports the “voucher” proposal, and school open enrollment options for Douglas County School District parents.

Whether a family has the means to fund private school or not, in this district an unrestricted parental voucher system would allow our parents to choose between home school, traditional education, charter schools, or private school. Dr. Jim Geddes supports your free choice.

The Geddes Family at home

Having two grown daughters, Rachel and Andrea, has given him an edge on the importance of staying involved and active in the educational pursuits of his children, and the powerful influence of parental choice. Geddes believes every parent should have the option to make educational choices that are best for their family situation and their children’s characteristics.

“A vote for me is a vote for continued constructive school reform in Douglas County.”

“You can count on me to put your child first.”

 ~ Jim Geddes