Open Letter to Andrew…


Within the attachment below are my answers to your good questions.

Regarding your question “What ideas do you have to improve the school district?” — I have a few additional thoughts which are not included in the attachment. As I learn more of the details of the various issues facing the school district, I may develop further thoughts.

  • Continue to enhance the overall quality of our teachers by providing an inviting professional atmosphere, and by enhancing and refining the Teacher “Pay for Performance” system currently in place.
  • Increase the number and variety of charter schools as the student population grows — to allow additional good choices for our students and their parents.
  • Further enhance the implementation of the concept of local, individual school administrative control and accountability for quality and efficiency. (by the school Principals)
  • Further insure school security with armed guards in all our schools.
  • Work to improve teacher/student ratios by creating greater administrative efficiencies.
  • Assess and enhance, where deficient, intellectual diversity within the relevant subjects taught in our high schools.
  • Enhance athletic competition opportunities for our students.
  • Enhance the fine arts/music participation opportunities for our students.
  • Insist on “Zero Tolerance” drug free schools.

Thank you, Andrew, for your interest and efforts to gather information from the candidates, and disseminate information to your school and your classmates’ parents regarding this important election.

Jim Geddes


Open Letter to Andrew… — 3 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I have some questions for you, I have not made up my mind who to vote for so I am asking all the candidates these questions:

    What are your thought about the Fees the board has levied to the parents of all schools, specifically the text book usage fee? Why are we paying for the books over and over, when the books have paid for already?

    What are your thoughts of the schools feeding the elementary students that claim they have no lunch and then put the lunch on the students account, and let the account run up to well over $150? The parents did not give permission to the schools or the students do this and yet the parents are responsible to pay this debt. I understand one now and again but that much?

    What will you do to keep our high schools students safe? Currently at CVHS sophomores and up can leave the campus anytime they want. Some of them will go down to “The Tunnel” to smoke and get high, both are illegal, the principal turns a blind eye to this area. Some of the students will walk to the market. The schools are responsible for the safety of the students, how can they be safe if the school or parents doesn’t know where they are?

    Thank you,
    Michael Ulrich

  2. Thank you for your questions and interest in the School Board election. You have raised several concerns that if elected I will definitely look into them.

  3. With a two year old daughter and a second daughter on the way, I’ve started to become interested in school board elections. I support many of your ideas – especially vouchers and generally am opposed to unions. That said, the zero-tolerance comment concerns me. While I do not support drug use in any way, I’m watching zero-tolerance policies evade any sense of logic. As an example, look at the expulsions / suspicions for kids using their finger to play shoot ’em games or eating a sandwich into the shape of a gun.

    I hope you’ll consider the need for rational review and not blind adherence to zero-tolerance policies.

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