Ten Rights

1. Students, parents and teachers have a right to a safe and secure school environment.

2. Because high-quality teachers are the single greatest determinant of academic success, students, parents and teachers have a right to a pay-for-performance system that pays for excellence not for length of service.

3. Because they are the best decision makers for their children, parents shall be free to choose from an excellent array of neighborhood schools, open enrollment schools, charter schools, alternative schools including on-line institutions, as well as home-schooling and private school options.

4. Parents and taxpayers shall have a right to have their tax dollars invested in local schools, not redistributed to other school districts under various state school finance formulas that discriminate against Douglas County.

5. School-specific leaders, faculty and parents shall be empowered to make financial resource allocation decisions at their school that maximize the educational outcomes of their students.

6. Parents and taxpayers shall have a right to financial transparency and to a District that manages money carefully, preserving at all times a high credit rating and strong financial controls ensuring a reserve of emergency funds.

7. Students, parents and taxpayers have a right to know that school resources are being used exclusively for education, not diverted to pay the salaries and retirement benefits of any person not directly performing classroom-supporting services for the District, including union leaders and employees who perform no services for the District.

8. Students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers shall have a right to a school district that equitably shares financial and other resources between neighborhood schools, charter schools and all other educational options available in the Douglas County School District.

9. Parents, students, and teachers have a right to reasonable class sizes that advance academic performance while promoting educational efficiency.

10. Parents and students have a right to world-class academic content, and a wide variety of class offerings within schools, sufficient to prepare all Douglas County School District students for the 21st century global economy.

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