Candidate Commitments

to Carry Out Your Education Bill of Rights

1. To ensure that our schools remain safe and secure, always focused on learning, we commit to support and expand the nationally-recognized and forward-leading student- and staff-protection measures the Douglas County School District has taken in the wake of recent violence, including an innovative School Marshal program.

2. To protect our District, schools, teachers and students from any future, sudden losses of state revenues and from the impacts of economic recessions on local tax receipts, we commit to maintaining a healthy District rainy day fund.

3. To put our students always first, regardless of the educational setting they and their parents have chosen, we commit that any future additional school funds will be shared equitably between neighborhood schools, charter schools and other options for academic environments in our District.

4. To pursue relentless District efficiency and decentralization of power, we commit to preserve the $1.9 million in reduced central overhead costs and the reduction of 20 administrative positions over achieved over the last four years.

5. To ensure that all District resources are always centered on the classroom, we commit never to pay the salaries and benefits of non-District union leaders, employees and organizers who perform no services for the District.

6. To protect our teachers’ pension and retirement programs from dilution and insolvency, we commit never to allow non-District union leaders, employees and organizers to access the District’s retirement plans.

7. To preserve school-based autonomy and to foster the relentless decentralization of power in our District, we commit never to encroach on the power and discretion of school leaders, faculty and parents to allocate resources at each school in a manner reasonably calculated to advance the educational outcomes and results of attending students.

8. To ensure that every District dollar is always devoted to students, as members of the Board of Education, we commit never to ask for, or accept, any payment, contract, expense reimbursement or any other kind of compensation, directly or indirectly, for personal benefit from the District or the Douglas County Education Foundation – not one dime.

9. To guarantee utmost integrity in District decision-making and to avoid even the slightest appearance of any conflict of interest, we commit never to take part in any vote or decision on a matter that has any connection to our non-District businesses, work, jobs, or careers, and we further commit never to participate in any vote or decision before the Board or District that involves any person or entity that financially supported our campaigns or candidacies.

10. To ensure that scarce taxpayer resources are not confiscated from Douglas County and redistributed to poor performing schools elsewhere, and to oppose any effort to discriminate financially against our students based on their residency, we commit energetically to oppose Senate Bill 213 and its companion ballot measure, Initiative 22, which would impose a $1 billion income tax increase on Coloradans to support the same failing educational models that have already disserved an entire generation of students.

11. To assure that this Education Bill of Rights is faithfully implemented, and that those Rights are made real and enduring, we commit to move swiftly to establish the Education Bill of Rights Office of Advocacy at the first Board of Education meeting following the election. We commit to requiring the Office of Advocacy to be in operation by January 1, 2014, and to issue annually a report to the Superintendent and to the Board recording, itemizing and disclosing all stakeholder contacts and actions taken to resolve concerns and implement the Rights enumerated in the Education Bill of Rights.

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