Douglas County Champion for Kids Survey Response

Waiting lists for our Charter Schools are too long and effectively diminish the opportunities and choice for those students and parents denied admission.  Additional Charter school construction/expansion is desirable in areas where we are seeing an increase in school age population growth.

Teacher/student ratios are still not optimal at all schools.  We should work on funding additional teacher positions at the schools where the student census requires additional teachers for an appropriate teacher/student ratio.

There is a particular shortage of middle and high school math, science and technology teachers who have “majored” in these fields in college. We should be innovative/creative, and work in cooperation with our universities/colleges and teacher accreditation entities to correct this deficiency.

Student opportunities for participation in fine arts/music and organized athletics is not optimal at all our schools.  As further funding becomes available, we should address these important issues.

School security, in my view, is still not optimal and should be enhanced with security officer(s) and other armed guards in all our schools.

Local school control and accountability by our Principals is a very valuable concept.

We should continue to encourage the positive initiatives of our teachers and Principals.

Teacher “Pay for Performance” has been a very successful approach, but has not yet gained full acceptance by our teachers. We should continue our efforts to include many of our teachers in our ongoing process to further refine the definition of an “excellent” teacher, and our measurements of teacher excellence.


Douglas County Champion for Kids Survey Response — 2 Comments

    • As our economy improves, the state treasures will grow due to improved corporate and personal income tax revenues which will allow improved funding of K12 and Higher Education. In the interim, we should continue to improve administrative and other efficiencies and divert these savings to our highest priorities.

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