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  1. I live out in Roxborough Park, Residential, as does your opponent Ms. Chase. She has her campaign signs all over out here and we who support you need your signs plastered out here as well!!!! Do you have some extras? How can I help with your campaign?
    I will support you as a new school board member and will spread the word!

  2. Please give me guidance as to how you recommend my husband and I should vote on Amendment 66 and Proposition AA. Thank you. Of course I am voting for you and the other three Republican candidates. Thank you.

  3. Jim,

    I have reluctantly cast my balot for you. The main reason is that I don’t want the union to gain a foothold again. But I have some very serious concerns on they way DCSD is being run. Some of the concerns I have:

    1) Class size
    2) Lowering High School graduation requirements
    3) Transparency in the School Board around budget and meetings
    4) Declining respect for the School District
    5) One of my biggest pet peves, charging for transportation.

    I have restrained myself from joining in on with some of the groups that are calling for your ouster. I hope you will be able to address some of these issues in the future.

    Brad Goodwin
    Castle Rock

    • Mr. Geddes:
      I have come across many conservatives in the Douglas County area who are concern with the curriculum that the school district is heading. Why are the school standards and requirements being lowered? Why is my high school son not allow to take additional classes after he has fulfilled the school district’s requirements?
      For many conservatives like myself, the main topic is not union or voucher system, but how are we to maintain the high standard of the neighborhood schools. Although many conservatives share your view of the voucher system and I would not hesitate to put my children in a private school, however we just don’t believe we can afford private school for our children even with the voucher system in place. I just can’t get over the fact that I am paying property taxes to support the neighborhood school and yet I have to pay for private school so that my children will get the proper education.
      I hope you can understand our position. Please note that you are losing many of the conservative votes because of this issue. Can you get back to me on how you feel and what can be done to help fix the school standard?
      Thank you
      John Yu

  4. Do you think it is fair that families of current private school students are totally ineligible for the Choice Scholarship Program? I’m referring to tax paying Douglas County residents who will be denied under current Choice Scholarship rules.

  5. Dear Dr. Geddes,
    If the information that public schools are respectfully visiting mosques is true, I wish to express my strong displeasure with that decision. We should be teaching reality to our school children: that Americans are generally hated by Muslim countries and their children are brought up with that hatred at home and in schools.

    To do otherwise is like teaching our children that there is no danger from rattlesnakes.

    This is reality, not a fashion statement of wearing scarves to cover their hair:
    “The subjugation and oppression of women are enshrined under the sharia. Young school girls should not be forced to “respect” a dress code that represents honor violence, female subjugation, genital mutilation, forced marriage, and child marriage.”

    Respectfully, Terry and Sandi Bledsoe, Douglas County

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